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Dec 09,2014

Legends Kiickboxing Gym Presents
Wicklow, Ireland

  • WHEN: Sunday, December 7th, 2014
  • WHO: Legends Kiickboxing Gym
  • WHERE: The Royal Hotel, Bray, Co., Wicklow, Ireland
  • WHAT: IKF Kickboxing
  • IKF Event Representative: Mr. Pete Foley
  • IKF Referees: Mr. Liam Og Griffin
  • IKF Judges: Mr. Billy O Sullivan. Mr. Vinny O'Brien. Mr. John Quigley
  • IKF Timekeeper: Ann Marie
  • Ambulance Service: Order Of Malta
  • IKF Ringside Physicians (MD) Dr. Maura Grummell
  • Promoter: Mr. Stefan Moriarty At 087 792 0186
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Results as follows:


Ryan Kealy, Wicklow, Ireland (1-0, 53kg, 5’6’’, 12-08-99, Stefan Moriarty, 087 7920186) defeated Adam Tomaszewski, Tullamore, Ireland (0-1, 54kg, 5’6’’, 01-15-2000, John Quigley, 086 6660474) by decision.    30-28, 30-27, 30-27.

2/ AM FCR: Jamie O Sullivan, Galway, Ireland (5-0, 86kg, 6’3’’, 05-23-91, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Tadgh Dixon, Sallynoggin, Ireland (3-5, 85kg, 6’4’’, 11-03-91, Stefan Moriarty, 087 7920186) by decision.   29-28, 30-27, 29-28.

3/ AM K-1:   Johno Goucher, WMA, Ireland (1-0, 57kg, 5’5’’, 06-01-95, Simon Alvey, 085 1453582) defeated Andy Wilders, 0-1, 57kg, 5’4’’, 12-16-94, Phil Whyte) by decision.   30-26, 30-27, 30-26.

4/ AM K-1:   Wayne Tansey, Wicklow, Ireland (1-1, 67kg, 5’11’’, 08-30-86, Stefan Moriarty, 087 7920186) defeated Kieran Stapleton, Wicklow, Ireland (0-1, 5’10’’, 12-16-86, Simon Alvey, 085 1453582) by decision.   28-29, 30-29, 29-28.

5/ AM K-1:   Corrina Tolan, Rush, Ireland (1-0, 61kg, 5’6’’, 03-07-78, Paul Cowzer, 086 3799603) defeated Megan Sheridan, Dublin, Ireland (0-1, 62kg, 5’7’’, 06-20-94, Deano Sullivan, 083 1048177) by decision.   29-28, 30-28, 30-29.

6/ AM IR:   Adam Kearney, Wicklow, Ireland (4-1, 65.5kg, 5’11’’, 08-29-01, Ivo) defeated Justin Stronge, Carlow, Ireland (63.5, 5’6’’, 01-22-00, Larry Brennan, 085 7560083) by decision. 30-28, 27-30, 28-29.

7/ AM K-1:   Cian Mc Cormack, Galway, Ireland (6-0, 61.7kg, 5’10’’, 12-08-98, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Ross Quarney , Dublin, Ireland (1-2, 62kg, 5’11’’, 01-21-98, Deano Sullivan, 083 1048177) by decision.   30-26, 30-27, 30-26.

8/ AM K-1: Marius Brozoda, Dublin, Ireland (10-1, 70kg, 170cm, 06-21-87, Stefan Triffo, 086 8659327) and Gary Morris, Rush, Ireland (10-10-1, 69kg, 5’9’’, 09-23-87, Paul Cowzer, 086 3799603) fought to a draw.   29-29, 30-29, 29-30.

9/ LADIES ALL IRELAND AM IR LIGHT WEIGHT TITLE FIGHT:   Megan O Loughlin, Dublin, Ireland (6-0-1, 58kg, 5’5’’, 12-29-91, Deano Sullivan, 085 1935084) defeated Lisa Buckley, Bray, Ireland (8-3, 60kg, 5’8’’, 06-29-95) by decision to win the vacant title.   49-47, 50-49, 48-47.

10/ AM FCR: Derry Guinan, Tullamore, Ireland (8-6-2, 83.3kg, 03-59-89, John Quigley, 086 6660474) defeated Paul Bowe, Kilkenny, Ireland (3-4, 82kg, 5’9’’, 10-10-72, Paul Cummins, 085 2441538) by decision.   39-35, 40-37, 40-35.

11/ AM K-1 Eliminator Bout: Pierce Galligan, Wicklow, Ireland (2-3, 56kg, 5’7’’, 04-27-99, Simon Alvey, 085 1453582) defeated James Kelly, Galway, Ireland (7-4-1, 54.5kg, 5’9’’, 08-29-99, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) by decision. 39-37, 40-37, 37-39.

12/ AM K-1: Levi Mc Kinney, Dublin, Ireland (1-0, 72kg, 6’, 11-16-95, Deano Sullivan, 085 1935084) and Sean O Regan, Dublin, Ireland (0-1, 72kg, 6’3’’, 06-22-95, Peter Cole) fought to a draw. 29-29, 29-30, 29-29

13/ JUNIOR ALL IRELAND AM IR STRAWWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT:  Fiachra Bond, Bray, Ireland (4-1, 47kg, 5’2’’, 10-27-00, Stefan Moriarty, 087 7920186) defeated Wesley Ward, Galway, Ireland (10-3, 49kg, 5’7’’, 09-12-00, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) by decision to win the vacant title. 48-47, 49-48, 47-48.

14/ AM K-1: Jack Kelly, Bray, Ireland (2-1, 77kg, 5’11’’, 03-07-95, Peter Cole) defeated Philip Doyle, Wicklow, Ireland (0-2, 77kg, 5’10’’, 08-02-88, Ivo) by decision. 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

15/ AM K-1: Julian Murphy, Dublin, Ireland (1-0-1, 78kg, 6’1’’, 09-22-95, Peter Cole) defeated Arran Feighery, Bray, Ireland (0-2, 78kg, 5’9’’, 06-20-89, Stefan Moriarty, 087 7920186) by decision. 29-28, 28-30, 29-28.

16/ MENS ALL IRELAND AM FCR WELTERWEIGHT TITLE DEFENCE: James Dunphy, Kilkenny, Ireland (31-18-7, 66.2kg, 5’9’’, 06-11-90, Paul Cummins, 085 2441538) defeated Karl Malone, Dublin, Ireland (6-4-1, 66.8kg, 5’11’’, 02-11-87, Pete Cole) by decision to retain his Title. 48-47, 48-47, 49-46.

Dec 09,2014
Mr. Pete Foley Presented
"IKF Ireland Senior Novice Full Contact National Championships"
Galway, Ireland

WHEN: Sunday, November 30th, 2014
WHO: Mr. Pete Foley
WHERE: Black Dragon Gym, Tuam Road, Galway, Ireland
WHAT: IKF Ireland Senior Novice Full Contact National Championships
IKF Event Representative: Nicola Collins
IKF Referees: Billy O Sullivan/Craig Sutton
IKF Judges: Tony O Donnell/Craig Sutton/Billy O Sullivan/Vinny O Brien
IKF Timekeeper: Clodagh Foley
Ambulance Service: Order Of Malta
IKF Ringside Physicians (MD) Dr. Maura Grummell
Promoter: Mr. Pete Foley at 087 8119227 or E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
ON THE WEB: new.BlackDragon.ie


This was strictly for fighters with no more than 3 fight experience in any fight style and everything went smoothly throughout the day.
The competition was open to all clubs/associations etc throughout Ireland.
Registration opened at 9am and closed at 11.30am - the medicals were from 10am and the tournament started around 12 .15pm and was all wrapped up by 4.15pm..

With the recent success of the IKF Ireland Junior National Championships it was time to concentrate on the Seniors.

The IKF brought in a National Championships for novice adults last year (2013) to give them a chance to compete among their peers without the danger of giving away too much experience. The whole idea was to give Novice fighters with no more than THREE fight experience in any Full Contact Fight Code/Rule Style (eg: one kickboxing, one K-1, one MMA or two boxing and one thai boxing etc) a chance at a NOVICE National Title and we relied solely on the honesty & integrity of the coachs to supply us with the correct information.

The plan was to have the fighters fight off in a tournament style format to an eventual winner and gain some valuable experience along the way. Last years competition was a huge success and it was every bit as good this year. It was open to ALL fighters regardless of their Organization or Affiliation and we would like to sincerely thank all the fighters, coachs, clubs etc for supporting the championships.

Huge thanks also to all the set up crew, registration staff, officials, door staff, glove runners, corner staff and to anybody who helped in any way, shape or form to make the day a great success.

Results as follows:



Gold: Ryan Mc Laughlin (Eastern Way Martial Arts, Donegal)


Gold: Gary Elbert (Galway Black Dragon)

Silver: Eddie Mc Cormack (Na Fianna, Athlone)


Gold: Adam Healy (Limerick Combat)

Silver: Ian Callinan (Carlow Top-Pro)


Gold: Orie Farrell (Black Dragon, Carlow)

Silver: Zak Clancy (Arena, Wexford)


Gold: Harold Biedel (Tipperary Fight Factory)

Silver: Radoslaw (Arena, Wexford)


Gold: Josh Mulhall (Black Dragon, Carlow)

Silver: Nikolai Morozov (Bo-Ju-Kai, Nenagh)


Gold: Jamie O Sullivan (Galway Black Dragon)

Silver: Dave Mackesy (SBG, Cork)


Gold: Shane Fogarty (Thurles Kickboxing)

Silver: Mateusz Deren (Combat Kickboxing, Mountmellick)


Gold: Howard Buggy (Carlow Black Dragon)

Silver: Thomas Scarry (Galway Black Dragon)



Gold: Sharon Lynch (Deise, Dungarvan)

Silver: Alice Mahoney (Thurles Kickboxing)


Gold: Shaz Marsh (Na Fianna, Athlone)


Gold: Urte Leknickaite (Galway Black Dragon)


Gold: Karolina Jaglowska (Galway Black Dragon)


Gold: Sarah O Shea (Limerick Combat)

Silver: Karolina Jaglowska (Galway Black Dragon)
Oct 13,2014





































































GIRLS U 17 -65KG


GIRLS U 17 +65KG



BOYS U 17 -54KG




BOYS U 17 -57KG



BOYS U 17 -60KG



BOYS U 17 -64KG



BOYS U 17 -67KG




BOYS U 17 -81KG


Nov 06,2014


The 2014 Unified World Championships in Marina Di Carrera, Tuscany, Italy were by far the biggest Martial Arts event Worldwide to date bar none!



  • IKF Team Ireland had a team of 16 fighters and 20 coachs/supporters that travelled to the event and we had tremendous success.
  • Gary Manogue from Galway sealed the deal as the best -71kg fighter on the planet with three spectacular wins (two by knockout) to win Gold in that category.
  • Charlie Ward is the undisputed World Welterweight Champ after winning four huge fights including a win over the 2012 World Champ from Lebannon in the final.
  • Saoirse Joyce defeated a tough English girl in the final of the under 18 years old -60kg category – she entered the championships at -56kg but was bumped up to the next weight class and incredibly won two gold medals.
  • Alex Fitzpatrick took Gold and Silver in the Under 12 years old section in Division one and two respectively.
  • Paul Huish took bronze in the -63.5kg low kick section after a close fight withn Spain.
  • Leona Trautt was edged out in a very close contest by a tough Ukraine girl who eventually won it out but Leona now has a World ranking of 4.
  • Alicia Chambers won Gold in the Girls Under 10 years -31kg.
  • Billie Maher won Silver in the Girls Under 10 years -40kg.
  • Megan lennon took Gold in the Girls under 14 years +65kg.
  • Brett Egan took Silver in the Mens Full Contact -86kg and Gold in the Low kick Section.
  • Chloe Quinn defeated a Chinese girl to win Bronze.
  • Scott Carey took Silver.
  • Lisa Moloney took Silver in a cracking final against England.
  • Jack Power took Silver in light contact and low kick.
  • Aoife Peters and Mark Comerford were edged out in very close fights but gained invaluable international experience.
Sep 30,2014

What an event on Saturday night in the Menlo Park Hotel. Galway!!!
Every fight was quality, the title fights were off the chart - Boxing, Kickboxing, K-1 at the highest level, top class overseas fighters from France & the UK that were an absolute pleasure to deal with, the same to be said for all the fighters & coachs that travelled from all over Ireland, fantastic and extremely vocal fight fans, full to the neck house, fantastic music & sound system by Galways main man big Pa Murphy, top class refereeing and judging by our completely NEUTRAL Officials who also came from all over Ireland, everything was on cue, fight card went exactly to plan, free finger food handed out to the spectators midway through the show, fantastic teamwork from all our dedicated set up crew, door staff and corner staff, Interviews & podcasts by Galway Bay FM including professional commentary from John Mulligan and  Clodagh Foley, top team of medics courtesy of the Order Of Malta that looked after all the fighters so well headed up by the fight doctor, Dr Maura Grummell, fighters were escorted to the ring by Sword Security who did a great job on crowd control, some class Technichal fights and fantastic knockouts & stoppages, new champions crowned, some tears & emotions, but most of all - Kickboxing in Galway is in an extremely healthy state and with fight nights like these, it really can't fail.
  Pete Foley introduced the sport of Kickboxing to Galway in 1996 and since then the sport has gone through the roof - he has seen some amazing talent pass through the doors of Black Dragon over the last two decades and like a smooth as silk assembly line, the club just keeps churning them out.
Ten years old Josh Mc Hugh opened the show and was amazing winning all three rounds.
 Jamie O Sullivan and Thomas Scarry, both clubmates, had a cracker of a White Collar Boxing match with Jamie getting the win.
Thirteen year old Wesley Ward won by KO in round two over Wexfords Brandon Maltby in what will surely be one of the KO's of the year.
 Sarah Worsfold from the UK defeated Regina Fanning in an eliminator fight.
 Gerry King stole the show with another crazy entrance and went on to get the win.
 17 year old Saoirse Joyce from Knocknacarra destroyed her opponent Aisling Frayne from Wexford who was 10 years her senior, stopping her hard in the second round - Saoirse will fly to Italy in October with IKF team Ireland to fight in the Unified World Championships - the largest ever Martial Arts Games on  the planet.
 Leona Trautt made her boxing debut against a boxer from Cavin Boxing club and won a unanimous verdict.
 Adam Keane from Tuam & Johnny Mc Donagh from Wexford  had an absolute war with Johnny getting the nod and with it a shot at the Irish title.
 Cian Mc Cormac from Kinvara (Sponsored by Joe Mc Cormack Electrical) won the Junior Irish K-1 Lightweight  title by stoppage with KNEE strikes in the fourth round.
James Kelly from Athenry (sponsored by Western Beverages) & Catherine Cullinan from Claregalway (sponsored by Ballybrit Exhaust & Tyres and Core Fitness in Claregalway Hotel) were unlucky but put in fine performances that went to the wire.
Charlie Ward  (Sponsored by Headmasters Barbers) does what Charlie does best - win fights in style and retained his IKF 5 Nations Crown by defeating teak tough two weight British Champion Gareth Evans from Romford by unanimous decision.
 Paul Huish (sponsored by City & County Bouncy Castles) put the icing on the cake by winning the IKF K-1 Rules European Super Lightweight Title in a class main event against World class French fighter Jonathan Maine.
The Galway Black Dragon Kickboxing club have a new adults beginners course starting on Tuesday 14 October at 7pm and booking can be made by calling 087 8119227.
The next show for Galway Black Dragon is the IKF Junior National Championships in the Oranmore Community Centre, Oranmore, Co. Galway on Sunday October 12.

Mr. Pete Foley Presents
"IKF International Fight Night"
Menlo Park, Ireland
  • WHEN: Saturday, September 27th, 2014
  • WHO: Mr. Pete Foley
  • WHERE: Menlo Park Hotel, Menlo Park, Ireland
  • WHAT: IKF Amateur KickboxingIKF Event Representative: Jennifer Baranyai
    • IKF European K-1 Title Fight
  • IKF Event Referees: Joe Wilson, Liam Og Griffin, John Quigley
  • IKF Judges: Patrick Ryan, Vinny O Brien, Joe Wilson, Liam Og Griffin, John QuigleyIKF
  • Timekeeper: Nicola Collins
  • Ambulance Service: Order Of Malta
  • IKF Ringside Physicians (MD): Dr. Maura Grummell
  • Promoter: Mr. Pete Foley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
1/ IKF AM  Junior Kickboxing
Josh Mc Hugh, Galway, Ireland (7-1, 33kg, 4’4’’, 10-22-03, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated StazUstinov, Carlow, Ireland (7-3-1, 33kg, 4’4’’, 06-18-04, Diarmuid Maher, 085 7180586) by unanimous decision. 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

2/ IAB AM Boxing
Jamie O Sullivan, Galway, Ireland (3-0, 90kg, 6’3’’, 05-23-91, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Thomas Scarry, Galway, Ireland (1-1, 95kg, 6’3’’, 06-09-81, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) by unanimous decision. 30-25, 30-26, 30-27.

Wesley Ward, Galway, Ireland (11-2, 50.5kg, 5’7’’, 09-12-00, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Brandon Maltby, Wexford, Ireland (51.5kg, 5’7’’, 02-17-00, Brian Roche, 087 7370803) by KO at 40 seconds into the second round.  Brandon Maltby has been issued with a 45 day medical suspension.

4/ IKF AM K-1 Junior All Ireland Lightweight Title
Cian Mc Cormack, Galway, Ireland (5-0, 60kg, 5’10’’, 08-12-98, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Rytis Danielius, Waterford, Ireland (3-2, 60kg, 5’7’’, 10-03-00, Billy o Sullivan, 085 8589902) by TKO at 1 minute & 20 seconds into round four to claim the vacant Junior AM K-1 All Ireland Lightweight Title. Rytis Danielius has been issued with a 30 day medical suspension.

5/ IKF AM FCR Light Welterweight Eliminator Bout.
Sarah Worsfold, England (6-1-1, 66.5kg, 5’6’’, 09-25-90, Paul Green, 07852131888) defeated Regina Fanning, Thurles, Ireland (5-3-1, 66.8, 170cm, 07-28-81, Pat John Mc Coole) by unanimous decision, 40-37, 40-37, 40-37 and will now go forward to fight current Irish Champion Amy Wilson for the recently vacated 5 Nations Title on November 30 in the UK.

Gerry king, Galway, Ireland (7-4, 71kg, 5’9’’, 02-02-75, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Ian Callinan, Carlow, Ireland (1-2, 69kg, 5’7’’, 06-09-86, Diarmuid Maher, 085 7180886) by unanimous decision. 30-28, 29-28, 30-28.

Saoirse Joyce, Galway, Ireland (2-0, 56.7kg, 5’8’’, 11-21-96, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Aisling Frayne, Wexford, Ireland (0-1, 57.9kg, 5’4’’, 12-02-85, Brian Roche, 087 7370803) by TKO in round number two.   Aisling Frayne has been issued with a 30 day medical suspension.

8/ IAB AM Boxing
Leona Trautt, Galway, Ireland (13-1, 56.7kg, 5’6’’, 01-12-81, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Jurgita Pociute, Cavin, Ireland (5-1, 56.4kg, 166cm, Brian Mc Keon, 087 4181323) by unanimous decision. 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

9/ IKF AM FCR Super Welterweight Eliminator Bout. (Deemed “Fight Of The Night”)
Johnny Mc Donagh, Wexford, Ireland (9-2-1, 69.4kg, 5’8’’, 01-18-90, Brian Roche, 087 7370803) defeated  Adam Keane, Galway, Ireland (5-5-2, 68.8kg, 5’9’’, 07-29-91, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) by majority decision, 37-38, 39-38, 38-37 and will now go on to Challenge Current IKF Irish Champion David Rusinak for the Title on November 16 in Tullamore.

10/ IKF AM K-1 Junior Flyweight All Ireland Title.
Jack Power, Dungarvan, Ireland (9-2, 53kg, 170cm, 03-11-00, Vinny O Brien, 083 4218676) defeated James Kelly, Galway, Ireland (7-3-1, 52.5kg, 5’8’’, 08-29-99, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) by majority decision, 49-47, 48-49, 49-48 to claim the IKF AM  Junior Flyweight All Ireland K-1 Title.

11/ IKF AM FCR (Was to be a title defence but Charmaine Kelly failed to make weight so just a 4 round contest.
Charmaine Kelly Derry, Ireland (6-4-1, 59.5kg, 5’6’’, 05-22-88, China Coyle, 07704000632) defeated Catherine Cullinan, Galway, Ireland (12-5-1, 57.7kg, 5’3’’, 11-27-82, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) by majority decision. 39-38, 40-37, 38-38.

12/ IKF AM FCR 5 Nations Super Welterweight Title Defence.
Charlie Ward, Galway, Ireland (23-5-2, 69.5kg, 5’9’’, 07-17-94, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Gareth Evans, Essex, UK, (13-4, 68.8kg, 5’8’’, 04-20-82, Paul Green, 07852131888) by unanimous decision,  50-47, 48-47, 50-47 to successfully defend his IKF AM FCR 5 Nations Super Welterweight Title.

13/ IKF AM K-1 European Super Lightweight Title
Paul Huish, Galway, Ireland (21-9-6, 62.5kg, 5’6’’, 03-10-90, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Jonathan Maine, Rouen, France (54-10-2, 61.7kg, 167cm, 04-17-85, Regis Lesaint, 0672070750) by unanimous decision, 49-47, 50-44, 50-44 to win the vacant IKF AM FCR European Super Lightweight Title.

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Dec 9,2014
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Dec 9,2014
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Our Club

Chief Instructor: Pete Foley
-7th Dan Black Belt

Galway Black Dragon Kickboxing Gym,
Riverside Ind. Est.,
(Turn right at Trappers Inn pub)
Tuam Road,
Mobile no: 00353 (0)87 8119227
Tel/Fax: 00353 (0)91 793020
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