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Apr 30,2014


IKF Promoter Michael Burke of PMA Promotions in Finglas had yet another cracking event with his "Mayhem In Meath 6"
show in the Ashbourne House Hotel in Ashbourne, Co. Meath on Saturday night.
With a full house of over 400 enthusiastic fight fans with 13 action packed fights including 3
IKF All Ireland Titles and an incredible athmosphere, Meath was the place to be.

1/ Exibition Bout.
Craig Boyle from PMA and Jason Curtain from Redstar KB opened the show with a cracking Junior kickboxing
exibition which was a draw.

2/ Junior Kickboxing Bout.
Matthew Goode from AIMAA, defeated Lee Gorman from Redstar KB in a Junior Kickboxing bout
with scores of 20-18, 20-18, 20-18.

Jordan Reed, Northern Ireland, (2-2-0, 60.6kg, 09-08-98, Robert Cassels, 07702704710 defeated Darren Redmond,
Dublin, Ireland, 0-1, 60kg, 5'7'', 03-07-99, Jimmy Courtney, 087 29680214 by decision.
27-30, 27-30, 27-30.

Stephen Taite, Wicklow, Ireland (2-0-1, 92.2kg, 6'3'', 12-04-93, Stefan Moriarty,
085 2068167) defeated Stephen O Brien, Waterford, Ireland (1-1, 88kg, 6'1'', 11-10-92,
David Ward) by decision. 28-30, 29-29, 27-30.

Jason Mc Guire, Meath, Ireland (4-0, 73.8kg, 5'7'', 06-30-84, Mick Burke, 085 7249933)
defeated Michael Burke, Galway, Ireland (0-1, 69.9kg, 5'9'', 09-20-93, Pete Foley, 087
8119227) by withdrawel in round one.

Lindsey Graham, Laois, Ireland (7-1, 70.2kg, 6', 12-22-86, John Quigley, 086 6660474)
defeated Zanoa Bluma, Dublin, Ireland (0-1, 72kg, 168cm, 03-23-80, Jon Mackey, 086 4661661)
by decision. 30-26, 30-27, 30-27.

Lisa Buckley, Bray, Ireland (3-0, 65kg, 06-29-95, Stefan Moriarty, 085 2068167) defeated
Katrina Kenny, Nenagh, Ireland (0-1, 63.3kg, 5'7'', 06-08-94, John Darcy, 085 7196005) by
decision. 28-30, 29-29, 29-30.

Tammy Little, Larne, Northern Ireland (3-1, 93kg, 5'6'', 09-05-84, Wilson Snoddy, 07766447179)
defeated Emma Feery, 94kg, 5'11'', 02-01-83, John Quigley, 086 6660474) by decision to claim
the title. 45-50, 45-50, 46-50.

Liam Delaney, Meath, Ireland (10-1-3, 82kg, 6'4'', 04-11-97, Mick Burke, 085 7249933) defeated
Aaron Joyce, Galway, Ireland (0-1-1, 80.9kg, 5'11'', 12-03-95, Pete Foley, 087 8119227)
by RSC in round one.

10/ AM FCR
Eric Nolan, Dublin, Ireland (22-3, 72kg, 5'8'', 07-27-93, Jimmy Courtney, 087 2968021)
defeated Faolim Rachil, Dublin, Ireland (17-7, 72.5kg, 6'3'', 04-26-93, Glen Heenan) by
decision. 39-39, 40-39, 39-38.

Shane Carter, Wexford, Ireland (4-0, 66kg, 180cm, 07-05-96, John Phillips) defeated Matty Rutkowski,
Portlaoise, Ireland (0-1, 66.3kg, 175cm, 08-09-96, Shane Marum, 089 4818956) by decision to claim the title. 49-48, 48-47, 47-48).

Diarmuid O Buachalla, Dublin, Ireland (6-2-0, 6'1'', 06-23-87, Mick Burke, 085 7249933) defeated Neil Walmsley, Enniskillen, N.I.
(0-1, 89kg, 6'4'', 11-27-89, Shane Brimstone, 0793355821) by decision. 40-36, 40-35, 40-35.

Aaron O Neill, Dublin, Ireland (8-1, 78.4kg, 6', 06-27-88, Mick Burke, 086 7249933) defeated
Dario Sinagoga, Wicklow, Ireland (5-3, 77kg, 5'11'', 05-27-88, Stefan Moriarty, 085 2068167)
by RSC in round 5 to claim the title.


Feb 24,2014

The Galway Black Dragon Kickboxing club hosted a Junior IKF Kickboxing tournament in the Oranmore Community centre on Sunday and over 100 children from clubs from all over Ireland attended.
The junior event was followed immediately afterwards with a senior novice tournament and 30 adults were in action also.
The above picture show six youngsters from the Galway Black Dragon club who had their debut fights.
Champion fighter Catherine Cullinan who coachs the Little Dragons class for four to six year olds every Friday from 5pm to 6pm, was extremely proud of her charges as was chief coach Pete Foley who commented that the future of Irish Kickboxing was very bright indeed.
Big thanks to all the visiting clubs & coachs  who had the interest to bring their kids to one of the best run Junior Light Contact events ever seen in Ireland and to the volunteer Referees, judges, timekeepers, set up crews etc.
There was a  canteen facility  available on site for refreshments and a Martial Arts shop to buy equipment.
The event had a public address system courtesy of big Pa Murphy (Galways top DJ),  two boxing rings and an extremely safe matted area and all referees and coachs did a fantastic job in controlling the contact for the juniors event.
This was followed immediately after with a senior novice show where 30 adults were matched in boxing, kickboxing and K-1 in 15 entertaining contests where novices got a chance to fight others of equal stature.

Jan 27,2014

Results from Mayhem In Meath 5:

1/  IKF Junior Kickboxing
Ross Fagan, Kombat Kickboxing defeated Adam Curran, PMA by judges decision.

2/ Exibition IR match
Patrick Czajka, PMA and Ryan Spillane fought to a draw in their IR Exibition bout.

3/ IAB Boxing
Lisa Farrelly, Dublin, Ireland (1-0, 56kg, 160cm, 11-17-87, Stephen Callaghan/Mick Burke, 085 7249933) defeated Nicky Kinsella, Dublin, Ireland (0-4-1, 52kg, 5'3'', 01-30-90, Liam Whelan, 087 2788127) by TKO in round 2.
IKF Ireland have issued Nicky Kinsella with a 30 day medical suspension until 25 February, 2014.

Jason Mc Guire, Meath, Ireland (3-0, 77kg, 5'7'', 06-30-84, Mick Burke, 085 7249933) defeated Brian Conway, Dublin, Ireland (0-1, 78kg, 178cm, 10-25-86, Carl Flynn, 087 0609847) by judges decision. 30-28, 30-28, 30-27.

Sean White, Cill Dara, Ireland (1-0, 66kg, 5'8'', 11-13-94, Kevin White) defeated Patrick Stokes, Waterford, Ireland (4-2, 66kg, 5'10'', 12-04-97, Billy O Sullivan) by judges decision. 30-29, 30-27, 29-28.

Jay Kearney, Dublin and Michael Finney, Navan - This fight was declared a no contest due to injury in first round.

  Shane Carter, Wexford, Ireland (3-0, 68kg, 180cm, 07-05-96, John Phillips, 086 3893382) defeated Rashad Solomon, Dublin, Ireland (1-3, 70kg, 5'9'', 05-15-97, Karl Flynn, 087 0609847) by withdrawal in round one.

David Rusinak, Tullamore, Ireland (5-1-2, 70kg, 5'11'', 04-01-94, John Quigley, 086 6660474) defeated Dermot O Rourke, Kilkenny, Ireland (5-6-2, 68kg, 5'7'', 12-17-76, Mick Bland, 087 6118301) by judges decision. 30-27, 30-28, 30-27.

9/ IKF AM FCR Junior All Ireland Super Middleweight Title
Ciarain Shanahan, Thurles, Ireland (5-1, 77.3kg, 6'2'', 10-27-97, Pat John mc Cool, 087 9359123) defeated Aaron Derby, Dublin, Ireland (2-1, 77.5kg, 6'6'', 06-21-97, Damien Crowther, 085 7551203) by judges decision to win the vacant title.  50-46, 50-45, 50-45.

10/ IKF AM FCR  All Ireland Super Middleweight Title Defence
Alex Teminikov, Meath, Ireland (9-0-2, 78.3kg, 182cm, 10-04-82, Mick Burke, 085 7249933) made a success first defence of his title to Justin Downey, Dublin, Ireland (7-5, 77kg, 6'2'', 04-21-85, Damien Crowther, 085 7551263).  50-46, 50-45, 49-48.

11/ IKF AM FCR  All Ireland Welterweight Title (Recently vacated by outgoing champion Peter Mc Cabe)
James Dunphy, Kilkenny, Ireland (30-17-6, 66kg, 5'9'', 06-11-90, Mick Bland, 087 6118301) defeated Steven Mc Afee, Dublin, Ireland (14-4,   66.7kg,  5'7'', 05-06-91, Jonathan Lewins, 086 8482752) by judges decision to win the Vacant Welterweight Title.  48-48, 50-46, 50-47.

12/ IKF K-1
Steven Callaghan, Meath, Ireland (8-0, 72kg, 183cm, 04-25-82, Mick Burke, 085 7249933) defeated Liam Og Griffin, Cork, Ireland (0-5-0, 73.8kg, 06-15-81, 5'9'', Self, 086 1019937) by KO in round one.
IKF Ireland have issued Liam Og Griffin with a 45 day suspension due to the stoppage.

Feb 10,2014

The Galway Black Dragon Kickboxing club picked up no less than five awards on Saturday night at the Irish National Kickboxing Awards ceremony for 2013 which were held in the Ashbourne Hotel, Ashbourne, Co. Meath.
The club were the overall winners as they picked up the most "Gongs" on the night.
Gerry King from Doughiska won the award for best entrance after his spectacular walk out through a capacity audience in Leisureland, Salthill at the Rumble In The Bay International Kickboxing promotion on December 7.
Mollie Mc Nevin from Roscam, won the award for best female junior competitor after an awesome 2013 which saw her clean up in her divisions in the IKF Irish and English Junior National Kickboxing championships as well as a knockout victory in her Full Contact debut in December.
Pete Foley from Annaghdown was chosen as the 2013 national kickboxing coach of the year after producing dozens of winners and a host of champions including Gary Manogues World Title win in December.
Gary Manogue from Castlepark was chosen as Fighter of the year for 2013 after a dazzling display of victories both in Ireland and in France which included a televised defence of his European Title and of course his knockout victory over Italian champion and World ranked No. 3, Alessandro Disnan from Rome in December which saw him crowned the IKF Super Welterweight Champion of the World.
Garys World Title win also went out on national TV.
The Rumble In The Bay promotion in Salthill was also chosen as Promotion of the year for 2013, beating off stiff opposition from all accross the country.
An extremely proud coach Pete Foley was delighted to have picked up so many awards at the prestigious Black Tie dinner night out, Irelands only Kickboxing Awards ceremony, and is already looking forward to another bumper year for the club in 2014.

Dec 10,2013

The "Rumble In The Bay" International kickboxing promotion in Leisureland, Salthill was a resounding success for Pete Foley and his Black Dragon team and one which saw a new World Champion from the beautiful West Of Ireland being crowned.
Gary "Slick" Manogue is surely one of the most deserving fighters on this Island to win such a prestigious title as he has consistently proved his worth with some spectacular victories both here, in the UK and in mainland Europe over the last 6 or 7 years.
When he entered the ring on Saturday night, he was greeted with thunderous applause from the one thousand strong army of fight fans and when the action got underway, he proceeded to hunt his Italian opponent down with the ferocity and aggression that saw many an opponent who shared a ring with him fall to the canvas.
The second round saw the Italian champion, Alessandro Disnan, regain some composure however and prove that he wasn't just over for a holiday as he cracked Manogue with a straight right hand (the classic answer to a southpaw) that had many in the audience concerned, but Gary shook it off and answered back with a hook, cross, hook combination that landed flush on his opponents jaw and the lights went out for Disnan and it was all over - a new superstar was born and Gary "Slick" Manogue had won the IKF AM FCR World Super Welterweight Title by knockout..
The roof in Leisureland alsmost came off, such was the roar of the fight fans and the celebrations got underway almost immediately.
Gary wishes to extend a huge word of thanks to his main sponsor "The Eastside Inn" in Ballybane and to John Butler Sports Injury Clinic and of course to all his friends, fight fans, club mates and family who supported him all the way and he has dedicated his victory to his late Father James RIP and his brother James RIP.
Another big scheduled fight on the night was for the IKF European Amatuer K-1 rules title and Galways Irish champion Bryan "Mayhem" Merrigan, who was kindly sponsored by the Mayfly Inn in Oughterard, was matched with Norweigan fighter Marius Sjursaeter.
Sjursaeter however, was seriously injured in  a sparring session a week previous to the bout and the fight was in danger of being cancelled but the Norwegian camp came up with a last minute replacement in the form of Alexander Jacobsen, a veteran of 120 amatuer boxing contests and the former Norwegian Amatuer Boxing champion.
He was also a formidable MMA fighter with experience in K-1.
The fight went ahead and Jacobsen proved to be too much for Merrigan and his corner threw in the towel in round two.
However, it came to light the next day that Jacobsen had signed up for a professional boxing contract with a Finland outfit BACK IN 2012 and had several "Pro"boxing fights and he had apparently also signed up for a four fight MMA contract.
As the IKF have a strict policy that stipulates that a paid fighter cannot share the ring with an amatuer, they had no choice but to immediately strip Jacobsen of his title and vacate it, so it looks like Merrigan will once again go forward to fight for the title sometime early next year.
Black Dragons very own female IKF World champion Nicola "The Killer" Collins, sponsored by Boston Scientific,  was also in action on Saturday night and she took on Italian champion Stepania Spano who had only a month previously, won out the Scandanavian opens.
This was Nicolas swansong as they say and what a fight it was to finish an amazing carreer with, as both girls fought tooth and nail over five hard rounds to the bitter end, but at the final bell, it was Collins who took a unanamous points victory and brought the curtain down on a fantastic fight career that spanned an impressive twelve years.
Paul "The Hurricane" Huish who was sponsored by City & County Bouncy Castles, put on an excellent display to capture the IKF AM K-1 Rules All Ireland Welterweight  title over Paul Pike who fights out of Thurles and in doing so, he became the only fighter in Irish kickboxing history to win national titles in FOUR different rulestyles and weights - Light Contact, Full Contact, International Rules (Low Kick) and K-1.
Leona "the Lioness Trautt", kindly sponsored by Frank O Connor speciality butchers, made a mandatory defence of her IKF AM FCR All Ireland Lightweight crown to Raging Bull fighter Catherine Butler and proved why she is the champion as she stopped the game Waterford lass in the third round.
James "Pretty Boy" Ward, sponsored by Joe Mc Cormack Electrical in Kinvara, was unlucky as he went over on his ankle in round two of his IKF AM IR All Ireland International Rules Title fight giving his Donegal Opponent Ciilin Boyce the win by default.
Yvonne "No Mercy" Mc Nevin, sponsored by Michelle Tully - Monivea Sports Massage,  did the business in the  IKF AM FCR recently vacated Bantamweight All Ireland Title fight, winning by unanimous decision over Deborah O Sullivan from Coolmines MMA in a fight that was over and back, with O Sullivan being busy throughout, but Mc Nevin landed  the more accurate shots and caught the judges eyes.
David Rusinak from Phoenix Gym in Tullamore defeated Stephen Doherty from Donegal Black Dragon to capture the IKF AM FCR All Ireland Super Welterweight crown which was recently vacated by Charlie Ward.
Gerry King put on yet another spectular entrance to the delight of the fight fans and also took a split decision win over Carlows Aaron Mc Kensie, Cian Mc Cormac took a well deserved unanimous decision over Pearse Galligan from Wicklow under Amatuer K-1 rules in a very technichal fight, Mollie Mc Nevin was on fire and she stopped Grace Still from Emerald Kickboxing in Carrick An Suir with a head kick in the third round (Still took the fight on 24 hours notice as Mollies original opponent unfortunately broke her hand), James Kelly defeated Raging Bull fighter Ryan Walsh by withdrawal in the second round, Ryan Ali came back from a first round  knockdown to stop Ray Lyons from AR Kickboxing with a spectacular spinning back fist in round two and Alex Fitzpatrick opened the show with an exibition bout with Rytis from Waterford.
Promoter Pete Foley would like to extend a massive thank you to everyone involved including the set up crew, our professional corner staff, beautiful flag girls Grace & Saoirse, our internal stewards, glove runners, IKF officials at ringside, Dr Maura Grummell and the Order Of Malta, Leisureland management & staff, MC Alan Mc Nevin, DJ Pa Murphy, photographer John Walsh, Video Operator Claudio Baranyai, Galway Bay FM Radio, TG4 Television, all of our sponsors: The Eastside Inn, John Butler Sports Injury Therapy, The Mayfly Inn, Westlink Car Sales, Da Robertas Restaurant, Michelle Tully Sports Injury Clinic, Peter Curran Electric, Garys Cycles & Garden Machinery, Sound To Light, Frank O Connors Speciality Butchers, Monaghans Centra, Tuam Road, La Paradis Gentlemens club, Sword Security, Steeltech Sheds, Joe Mc Cormack Electrical, City & County Bouncy Castles and of course our great friend Noel O Dwier of Sally Longs Bar and anyone else involved in making "Rumble In The Bay" the best Kickboxing event of the year on the Irish Kickboxing calender for 2014.

Stats as follows:

1/ IKF Junior Kickboxing.
Alex Fitzpatrick, Galway Black Dragon  and Rytis, Raging Bull, Waterford did an exibition bout to open.

Ryan Ali, Galway, Ireland (3-2, 74kg, 5'11'', 03-13-91, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Raymond Lyons, Galway, Ireland (0-1, 72.5kg, 6'2'', 02-23-97, Martin Hynes, 087 2779460) by TKO in round two.
IKF Ireland has issued Raymond Lyons with a 30 day medical suspension until January 7, 2014 due to the TKO.

3/ IKF Junior Kickboxing.
James Kelly, Galway defeated Ryan Walsh by withdrawal in round two

Mollie Nevin, Galway, Ireland (1-0, 61.5kg, 5'3'', 11-30-99, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Grace Still, Carrick An Suir, Ireland (6-4-1, 64.9kg, 5'4'', 07-02-98, Mark Still, 086 8611259) by TKO in round three.
IKF Ireland has issued Grace Still with a 30 day medical suspension until January 7, 2014 due to the TKO.

5/ IKF AM FCR Super Welterweight All Ireland Title.
David Rusinak, Tullamore, Ireland (4-1-2, 69.5kg, 5'10'', 04-01-94, John Quigley, 086 6660474) defeated Stephen Doherty, Donegal, Ireland (6-3-1, 68kg, 5'7'', 03-22-90, Joe Wilson, 086 8774382) by unanimous decision to win the recently vacated title.  45-50, 45-50, 45-50.

6/ IKF AM FCR Bantamweight All Ireland Title.
Yvonne Mc Nevin, Galway, Ireland (11-2-2, 55.5kg, 157cm, 08-04-73, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Deborah O Sullivan, Dublin, Ireland, 55kg, 5'7'', 04-13-77, Deane O Sullivan, 083 1048177) by unanimous decision to win the recently vacated title.  49-48, 49-47, 49-47.

7/ IKF AM K-1
Cian Mc Cormack, Galway, Ireland (1-0, 57kg, 5'11, 12-08-98, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Pearse Galligan, 0-1-1, 55kg, 5'6'', 10-06-99, Simon Alvey, 085 1453582) by unanimous decision. 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

8/ IKF AM IR Featherweight All Ireland Title.
Cillin Boyce, Donegal, Ireland (12-5, 57.3kg, 5'8'', 05-10-92, Joe Wilson, 086 8774382) defeated James Ward, Galway, Ireland (13-3, 57.3kg, 5'7'', 12-20-95, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) by withdrawal in round two.

9/ IKF AM FCR Lightweight All Ireland Title Defence.
Leona Trautt, Galway, Ireland (11-1, 57.3kg, 5'6'', 01-12-81, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Catherine Butler, Waterford, Ireland (5-6-3, 57kg, 5'4'', 03-16-90, Billy O Sullivan, 085 8589902) by TKO in round three to successfully retain her title.
IKF Ireland has issued Catherine Butler with a 30 day medical suspension until January 7, 2014 due to the TKO.

10/ IKF AM K-1 Welterweight All Ireland Title.
Paul Huish, Galway, Ireland (18-8-5, 66.7kg, 5'6'', 03-10-90, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Paul Pike, Donegal, Ireland (fighting out of Thurles gym) (66kg, 5'7'', 06-05-83, Pat John Mc Coole, 087 9359123) to win the title.  49-48, 49-46, 48-48.

Gerry King, Galway, Ireland (5-3, 72kg, 5'9'', 02-02-75, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Aaron Mc Kenzie, Carlow, Ireland (2-2-1, 73.7kg, 5'9'', 12-10-89, Larry Brennan, 085 7560083) by split decision.  30-28, 30-29, 28-29.

12/ IKF AM FCR International.
Nicola Collins, Galway, Ireland (18-7-2, 56kg, 5'2'', 01-06-79, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Stepania Spano, Rome, Italy (7-7-1, 55.5kg, 1.62cm, 03-03-80, Mario Carella) by unanimous decision. 49-47, 49-46, 49-46.

13/ IKF AM K-1 European Super Welterweight Title
Bryan Merrigan, Galway, Ireland (14-7-1, 68.4kg, 5'9'', 05-02-83, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) was defeated by Alexander Jacobsen, Bergen, Norway (101-19, 69.2kg, 1.75cm, 03-07-88, Felipe Valdes, +4799090996 by withdrawal in round two but it transpired that Jacobsen had a career as a Professional Boxer out of a gym in Finland and was also a Pro Cage fighter so the fight was declared a non contest the next day by IKF Europe.
Merrigan will get his chance again in early 2014.

14/ IKF AM FCR World Super Welterweight Title.
Gary Manogue, Galway, Ireland (27-1, 69.2kg, 6'1'', 05-28-81, Pete Foley, 087 8119227) defeated Alessandro Disnan, Rome, Italy (19-6-2, 69.2kg, 6'1'', 07-16-93, Alessandro Topa) by Knockout in round two.
IKF Ireland have issued Alessandro Disnan with a 45 day suspension until January 22, 2014.

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